ServiceNow Upgrade Facilitation

TCloud Consulting team can assure smooth upgrade of your ServiceNow solution with the peace of mind.  

ServiceNow releases a new versions of the Now Platform twice per year.  It is important to maintain the latest releases to ensure that you can take advantage of new features and functionality, thereby increasing your productivity and avoiding known pitfalls.  ServiceNow recommends that you upgrade your ServiceNow instances at least once a year to stay no more than one version behind the latest release. 

​ServiceNow upgrades can be a significant project. Like any other formal IT project, managing a ServiceNow upgrade takes time, knowledge and resources.

Before launching a ServiceNow upgrade, it is vitally important to understand how your ServiceNow instance is currently operating and the performance level of key business functionalities.

How can we assist in your ServiceNow upgrade?

Upgrading your ServiceNow instance requires detailed planning, testing and validation.  While there is a range of materials available from ServiceNow to assist the upgrade process, TCloud is here to assist and guide you with the upgrade process. 

TCloud implements industry best-practices to ensure the safe and effective upgrade of your Now Platform.  We overlay a project management framework on the top of the technical upgrade to better assist you.

TCloud will work with you to:

  • Highlight the upgrade timeline, detailing what to expect during the upgrade and the benefits that you will see flowing from the upgrade – we will issue you with an Upgrade Implementation Plan

  • Document your pre-upgrade performance so that you can compare it post-upgrade - we will issue you with a Pre-Upgrade Assessment Report

  • Assess the impact of changes to identify whether or not they will delay or complicate your upgrade

  • Undertake a skipped changes review – we will issue you with both a Skipped Changes Review Guideline and Recommendation Report

  • Create an appropriate upgrade plan for your upgrade which covers core functionality and integrations across deployed applications – we will issue you with a Test Plan

  • Test your upgrade on non-production instances before upgrading your production instance

  • Perform additional unit testing services before handing over for user acceptance testing

  • Provide a clearly articulated implementation plan and related documentation

In short, TCloud leverages industry best-practice to upgrade your ServiceNow instances using the following four-stage upgrade process

Why TCloud?

At TCloud, we align with ServiceNow’s belief that “when people work better, business works better”.  Underpinned by the ServiceNow platform as a service, TCloud empowers its clients to rapidly build and deploy enterprise service management, IT asset management, HR service delivery, facilities management and many other solutions.

TCloud provides specialised ServiceNow upgrade facilitation services via a standardised upgrade facilitation approach which is aligned to ServiceNow’s recommended best practice.  Our approach allows our customers to make their future upgrades easier and with less risk.

Many organisations feel overwhelmed by the ServiceNow upgrade process which can require detailed planning and platform knowledge, which is why we guide customers through the upgrade process.  In doing so, TCloud leverages industry best-practice together with ServiceNow’s recommended 7-phase upgrade process in our standard facilitation upgrade approach including reviewing skipped changes and providing guidance on recommended actions.

We can also assist in generating ServiceNow ATF test cases if required.

We offer various service packages to our clients, depending on their needs and requirements.  All of our services are provided on a fixed fee basis thereby providing our clients with clarity and transparency of pricing which, in turn, facilitates enhanced cashflow planning.

​With TCloud’s guidance and facilitation, your organisation is assured to upgrade the ServiceNow instance with the peace of mind.