Ticket Image Manager

What is TIM?

TIM is an add-on functionality developed to reduce volume of undesirable images attached to tickets (e.g Incident, HR Case & etc), that leads to improvement of user experience and efficiency.


There is always a visual challenge in finding the expected files attached to a ticket if there is a big pool of other undesired attachments attached to the same ticket, such as logos or email signatures.  These simages are automatically attached to a ticket when agents or users are sending emails from/to ServiceNow while collaborating their messages on a particular ticket.


In addition to using image size to filter the undesirable images,  Ticket Image Manager provides enhanced mechanism to eliminate or reduce these undesirable images being attached to a ticket by comparing them to pre-configured exempted images.  With scheduled image exemption review mechanism, possible exemption candidates will be automatically identified and sent to system administrator for review and acceptance.

Why do you need it?

For those organisations using an email-to-ticket engine in ServiceNow know that the default mechanism in handling inbound email images, such as logos or email signatures is to attach every image sent as attachments to inbound matched target records.  Also, with each email replies, the system replicates these images that cause duplicate image attachments and also duplicate images in the activity formatter.  Similarly, this default mechanism also applied to ServiceNow outbound email. E.g. email signature predefined at Email Client.


These undesired images occupied both attachment list and activity formatter that leads to deterioration of user experience in finding the expected file attachments. Repeated impracticalities and inefficiency seem to increasingly irritate users over time and cause their user experience to deteriorate further.  


For example, the following inbound email will create 6 image attachments to a ticket with only one intended file attachment.

How does TIM work?

To minimise the undesired images from attaching to a target record, TCloud consulting has developed a custom solution named Ticket Image Manager (TIM) that uses an image comparison mechanism to filter out pre-defined exempted images.  This filter mechanism can be applied to selective process tables or every single record tables in the instance.


Apart from totally eliminate the exempted images from being attached to the ticket, TIM also provides the option to allow target record to keep only 1 record of an identical image and eliminate all the other duplicate copies.


Through scheduled exemption review mechanism, possible exemption candidates are automatically identified and sent to the system administrator for review.  Image candidates accepted will be added to the exempted image list.