Ticket Connector

Ticket Connector is a B2B eBonding management solution built on ServiceNow platform to allow eBonding integration and automated bi-directional ticket and data exchange between your organisation and multiple service partners, customers and associated software solutions.

Why do you need it?

With Ticket Connector, tickets created or updated at your ServiceNow instance are automatically translated and transferred to a third-party system without manual intervention. Similarly creates and updates within your partners systems automatically update in your ServiceNow instance.

How does it work?

Ticket connector is a configurable and scalable solution that can be used for inbound and outbound REST and SOAP integration of your ServiceNow instance to other CSM or ITSM platforms externally or internally without the use of Middleware.

With a parameterised field mapping and value mapping solution designed, your organisation can easily onboard new eBonding integration setups with other managed service partners and/or customers.


The solution implemented supports both REST (JSON over HTTPS) and SOAP (XML over HTTPS) with a single API interface and common data model.  The solution adopts a layered architecture to ensure modularity and provides standardisation and repeatability.