ServiceNow Dependency Views Map (DVM) graphically display CIs that support application or business services and the relationships between CIs created through discoverable and non-discoverable (manual) processes. 

RelateCI automates the maintenance of the non-discoverable CI relationships between CIs to minimise the manual process to create, define and delete CI relationships in DVM.  Through predefined CI relationship type and its mapping rules, it automatically creates or update upstream and downstream CI relationships instantly which ultimately gives you a comprehensive view on both discoverable and non-discoverable CIs in single DVM.  

RelateCI comes with 3 mapping rules which can be easily duplicated for other CI relationships:

  1. Nested relationships between Business Capabilities 

  2. Business Service and Business Service Offering

  3. Technical Service and Technical Service Offering

Key Features:

  • Automatically create or update CI relationships if CI Reference field (lookup) is populated or updated

  • Daily scheduled job to automatically reconcile CI relationships based on predefined rules

  • Options to keep previous CI relationships formed if reference value is changed

  • Scalable scripted solutions to cover all CI relationships such as Neighbour Devices & etc
    To find out more you can read TClouds Linkedin article on RelateCI here


It is now free at ServiceNow Store,click here to download it.

Why do you need it?


RelateCI is a certified application built on ServiceNow platform that automatically create and update the CI relationships between Configuration Items (CI) through predefined mapping rules.