Predictive Intelligence

Assist in leveraging Intelligence to surface information, make predictions and recommendations, and automate repetitive tasks. Employees and customers can finally focus on areas only humans excel at—creative thinking, customer interactions, and unpredictable work.

  • Deliver and refine AI fast.

  • Protect and control enterprise data.

  • Make smarter business decisions.

Virtual Agent

Make it easy for employees and customers to resolve issues fast and get what they need, when they need it, with an AI-powered conversational chatbot.

Personalized experiences

Get things done with smart, meaningful conversations using the full context.

Pre-built conversations

Deploy fast using customizable templates for key enterprise IT, HR, and customer service scenarios.

Virtual Agent designer

Drag and drop to build and test conversations, then customize the look and feel to match your brand

Natural language (NLU)

Discern everyday language using models tuned for ServiceNow® workflows, which can evolve over time.

Connection to Microsoft Teams

Drive effective engagement with integrations between MS teams and ServiceNow solution.

Performance Analytics

Putting the power of data into the hands of the stakeholders and subject matter experts who are responsible for successful service delivery.

Benefits of Performance Analytics :

  • Anticipate trends

  • Prioritize resources

  • Maximize automation and self-service

  • Guide continual service improvement

  • Detect major incidents

  • Discover hidden patterns

Features of Performance Analytics :

  • KPIs and dashboards

  • Real-time visibility

  • Spotlight

  • KPI signals

Digital Workflow UI Re-Build

Create workspace and portal pages, and customize them with a single builder. Deliver engaging, personalized experiences for customers and employees.

Benefits :

Personalize user experiences

Deliver an engaging, consumer-grade experience based on specific user criteria.

Reduce time to value

Target experiences for different audiences easily with variations to your pages.

Create actionable experiences

Define interactions so users can make changes and act on platform data, all from a single UI.

AI Search

Connect employees and customers to the answers they need in a powerful, consumer-grade search experience. Provide personalized, relevant results.

Benefits of AI Search :

Increase deflection rates

Empower users with self-service and personalized, relevant, AI-powered answers on demand.

Deliver context-rich information

Provide precise and personalized answers that users can act on right away.

Optimize search results continuously

Improve search success rates with an experience that learns and adjusts with each new query.

Get results anytime, anywhere

Give users a consistent, intuitive search experience across portals, mobile apps, and Virtual Agent.

GRC - Governance Risk & Compliance.

ServiceNow named a Leader in the Gartner MQ for IT Risk Management.

Improve business resilience

Empower risk-based decisions across the enterprise with a unified data environment. Give the front line easy access to insights and tasks via chat, mobile apps, and portals.

Gain real-time visibility

Use continuous monitoring and business continuity management to minimize business disruption and drive action for high risk areas, noncompliance, and vendor status changes.

Increase productivity

Boost productivity with automated, cross-functional workflows; artificial intelligence; and consumer-like user experiences. Reduce errors and costs, while increasing focus on higher-value tasks.

Communicate effectively

Align resilience initiatives with leaders across your organization. Effectively convey your risk posture with dynamic dashboards that integrate risk and resilience information.

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