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Upgrade to latest Orlando Release

ServiceNow releases a new version of the Now Platform twice per year. It is crucial to maintain the latest release to take advantage of new features and functionality, thereby increasing your productivity and avoiding known pitfalls. When people work better, business works better.  


ServiceNow Orlando general release will be out early March. ServiceNow Customers can start planning their upgrade and testing starting from Early Availability release. Feel free to login to Hi Service Portal and click on “Sign-Up now!” to start upgrading your Non-Production instance.

Click here to know more about the Early Availability release.


Refer to new features and changes by product in Orlando, particularly in Common Service Data Model (CSDM) framework & attributes,  Natural Language Understanding into deeper insights of Analytics & Reporting, mobile platform with mobile photo search & multi-scan and mobile application management integration, and many other improvements on existing products & platform.    

Upgrading and patching your instance requires planning, testing, and validation. To ensure a safe and effective upgrade, read the release notes, create upgrade plans, and test your upgrade on non-production instances before upgrading your production instance.  Check out how to upgrade your instance in 7 phases.

While there is a range of materials available from ServiceNow to assist the upgrade process, TCloud is here to assist you in the upgrade process. Find out more about our upgrade facilitation services. 

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