Why do you need it?

To prevent test notifications being inadvertently sent to non-targeted email recipients, the ServiceNow non-production instances can generally be configured to have all test notification emails sent (or redirected) only to specific test email addresses.

If the relevant testing requires email replies such as comments or approval requests in non-production instances, these emails will not be processed as initial emails were not sent to actual recipients and therefore being ignored. 


When a user responds to an email sent by ServiceNow instance, the inbound email processing engine matches the watermark associated to an existing task (such as an “incident” or “request”) or approval record before updating the records.

OEF addresses the following commonly faced challenges which businesses can face when performing email notification testing at the sub-production instance:

  • unable to provide approval or rejection of a specific request sent to a specified approver via email;

  • unable to update comments on existing incident or task records when sent via reply email;

  • unable to send test SMS notifications via email to SMS gateways, such as P1 notifications or password reset verifications; and

  • if redirection to a specific test email address is activated, all test emails are then sent to that same mailbox which results in complication of email identification and verification if various testings are undertaken at the same time.

What is Outbound Email Filter (OEF)?

To permit targeted test recipients in receiving test notifications in an isolated and controlled manner in non-production instances, TCloud has developed a add-on feature designed to selectively scan and filter ServiceNow outbound notifications.  OEF uses a recipient’s exemption method to scan and filter out non-targeted email addresses from any notifications sent by non-production instances thereby removing spam and enhancing the effectiveness of test processes. 

When using OEF, only those targeted recipients who are defined in a bespoke recipient exemption table would receive test notifications and therefore their email replies would be processed accordingly as is the case in a live production environment.

Outbound Email Filter

OEF is an add-on feature designed to selectively scan and filter ServiceNow outbound notifications in non-production instances, to ensure test emails not being sent to non-targeted recipients.​