Pastel Swirl
Extract, Decode & Archive

What is EDA?

Is a custom solution developed by TCloud Consulting to Extract, Decode and Archive (EDA) files attached to any ServiceNow records into your organisation’s file repository.

Why do you need it?
  • Regular backup strategy to collect multiple data files together into a single file repository for easier portability and storage

  • As part of the instance sun-setting strategy to extract and archive ServiceNow attachments into easy-to-search file systems

How does it work?
  • Files attached to various processes (incident, request, case management & etc) are downloaded into monthly (or weekly) shared folders of the respective processes

  • Downloaded files are remained intact with its original format and extension

  • Tailorable to customer's requirement, default filename are stored in the format of [Process Name] - [Ticket Number] - [Attachment Creation Date and Time] - [Stored File Name (with its extension)] to avoid possible duplicates.  e.g. “[incident] – [INC000001] – [2016-12-01 110510] – My FileName.doc”