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File Archiver
EDA (Extract, Decode & Archive)

TCloud’s File Archiver solution offloads the soft copy documents of various ServiceNow processes to organisation’s file repository in their enterprise infrastructure.

This is a custom application built on ServiceNow platform to Extract, Decode and Archive file attachments from system attachment database to target repository through predefined triggers and schedulers. 

Why do you need it?

Organisations with governance & regulatory policies that no file attachments are stored at the external system, EDA enables the soft copy files to offload to organisation’s file repository prior to the file purge process.

TCloud’s EDA solution is to extract and archive ServiceNow file attachments of various processes into easy-to-search file systems for your convenience and future reference.

How does it work?

Files attached to various processes such as “Risks”, “Incidents”, “Requests” or any ServiceNow tables can be offloaded.  This offload automation has a scheduler to run on an interval of your choice, e.g. Daily, Weekly, Monthly or periodically.

The destination folders is tailored to organisation needs (default filename are stored in the format of [Process Name] - [Ticket Number] - [Attachment Creation Date and Time] - [Stored File Name (with its extension)] to avoid possible duplicates.  e.g. “[incident] – [INC000001] – [2016-12-01 110510] – My FileName.doc”).

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